Leaving Care

We understand that the Transition from Child to Adults service can be a difficult one as can Leaving care and that is why, we have developed our services to meet these needs and provide responsive support through these difficult life periods. We offer young people 16+ the opportunity to find their feet and prepare for adult life, in a supportive, supervised, and compassionate way.

Our Beliefs

We believe that as an adult, each individual has the right to make informed decisions and recognise that this can mean balancing choice and risk in some circumstances, especially when a young person is becoming an adult. We take our role and responsibilities seriously in regard to this and work closely with young people and their circle of support to ensure that they are safeguarded whilst making those first steps into adulthood. 

We work with you from the very start, putting you in control of your support right from the very first meeting. Young people will be supported to develop self care skills through one-to-one support from their individual key workers as well as group sessions wherever possible in order to encourage them to share their learning experiences.

For housing needs – We can help source safe, secure accomodation and help apply for the right benefits to pay for this and provide 24/7 support from our friendly, qualified staff. We provide this support currently in the Northwest of England and Midlands.

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